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Nicole Murphy 

Nicole Murphy is a fashion model, designer, television personality, actress, as well as businesswoman, who is best recognized for her global modelling career, as well as her contribution on reality television show entitled Hollywood Exes.

Nicole Murphy is one of the dedicated and skillful female celebrities who can manage her career well in the field of fashion designing, acting, modeling and now, Anti Aging.


Zobela® by Nicole Murphy 

Discover healthy, beautiful skin with Zobela by Nicole Murphy. Each Zobela by NM skincare product is formulated with pure, high quality ingredients to help enhance the health and appearance of your complexion and deliver unparalleled results. Featuring hero ingredients like plant stem cells, fruit extracts, and ultra-moisturizing oils, Zobela by NM products have been formulated to make skin feel refreshed, hydrated, and appear more youthful.

Founder Nicole Murphy is proud to have created these products with inclusivity in mind. Zobela by NM products have been formulated for customers of all skin tones and texture, proving that beauty has no size, color, or age.

We’ve said goodbye to unnecessary skincare ingredients found in most products and adopted a more minimalistic attitude. By only including the most effective ingredients in our products, this approach to skincare helps maximizes the potency and efficiency of our formulations.

All Zobela by NM products are made with all-natural ingredients that have been sourced right here in the United States. Additionally, our products are free of fillers, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances, are not tested on animals, and are made with environmental consciousness.

Zobela by NM products are paraben-free! The use of parabens as a preservative in cosmetic products is highly controversial due to the linkage of parabens with significant health risks, including allergic reactions, improper estrogen activity, and even breast cancer. In order to ensure your safety, all of our formulas are paraben-free.

All Zobela by NM products are:

* Paraben-Free
* Cruelty-Free
* Environmentally Conscious
* Artificial Fragrance-Free
* Made in the USA

In order to ensure a high standard of quality control, all Zobela by NM products are manufactured in FSA registered and approved labs in compliance with current good manufacturing practices (CGMP). Our team of formulators work with advanced technologies, up to date dermatological research, and innovative chemical formulations to make the highest quality products possible.

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